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Triptych Strength was forced to close for good during the pandemic. If you need help finding another gym or trainer, you are still more than welcome to reach out to us for recommendations and/or assistance

Triptych Services

VIP Memberships (non trainers)

VIP Membership

$199 per month

We offer 24/7/365 unrestricted access* to the facility. This option is separate from personal training, and is for personal use of the facility. Only a limited number of memberships are available, so there’s never overcrowding and always a feeling of coming to a place that’s truly yours. No initiation fees, no sign up fees and no cancellation fees. Go to our “Looking for a Membership?” questionnaire in the Sign Up section to get started.

 *Key fob access provided for independent access to the facility, but Triptych Strength reserves the right to close for reasons including but not limited to, upkeep, maintenance, facility improvements and private events. Due notice will be given whenever possible except in the case of unforeseen events or emergencies
Membership Promotions

Refer a Friend / Bring a Friend – If you’re an active member and you refer a friend for a membership, you both get a month free. If you come in to sign up for a membership, and bring a friend to sign up with you, you both get a month free.*


Pre-pay –  Pay ahead for 5 months and get your 6th month free.**


Do Both – If you bring a friend and you both sign up for a membership, as well as pre-paying for 5 months, you get 7 months for the price of 5.


*Referral membership must stay active for at least 60 days. An active credit card must be put on file at time of initiation. If signing up on the 1st of the month, your next months membership fees are due at the time of initiation. If signing up mid-month, you pay a pro-rated amount at time of initiation for the remainder of the following month. The normal membership rate will be due on the 1st of the next full month, and the 1st of each month thereafter on a recurring payment schedule. If the membership is canceled prior to 60 days, there will be no refund for the partial month payment or the first full month payment. After 60 days all normal membership cancellation rules apply.

**One time non-refundable payment of $995 due at the time of initiation.


Free 7 Day Pass

Try our facility for 7 days free! 24/7 Unlimited access, just like our normal memberships. Experience what it’s like here at Triptych before signing up. Terms and conditions apply*

*Active credit card must be put on file at time of activating 7 Day Pass. A VIP Membership will commence at the end of the 7 day trial period unless Triptych Strength is notified 24 hours in advance of trial end. A pro-rated charge will be applied for the remainder of monthly dues after the initial 7 day period.

Get set up with a Personal Trainer

Go to our “Looking for a Personal Trainer?” questionnaire below to get started with a personal trainer. We will help pair you up with a trainer that’s best suited to what you’re looking to work on as well as your availability. We get you in touch with a first choice of trainer, who will then reach out to set up a free in-person consultation. You are free to meet with more than one trainer to make sure it is a great and ideal fit. Trainers are all independent and run their own business’, so prices and packages vary. Access to the facility is completely free when coming to see your trainer for sessions. If you sign up for training, and would like access outside of your sessions, you are eligible for our PT VIP membership (see details above).


Personal Trainer Memberships (trainers only)

Unlimited Personal Trainer Membership

$1,099 per month

If you are a trainer looking for a space to work with your existing clientele, the unlimited membership offers the best service possible.

With unlimited 24/7/365 access for you and your clients, this membership offers huge savings over other facilities. Your clients have free access when training with you, and the more they train, the more you save. Train whenever and as much as you want, and partner sessions are included at no extra cost. Go to our “Personal Trainer?” questionnaire below to get started.


  • 60 sessions per month / 15 per week  –  $18.30 per session
  • 80 sessions per month / 20 per week –  $13.74 per session
  • 100 sessions per month / 25 per week – $10.99 per session


*Key fob access provided for independent access to the facility, but Triptych Strength reserves the right to close for reasons including but not limited to, upkeep, maintenance, facility improvements and private events. Due notice will be given whenever possible except in the case of unforeseen events or emergencies

Pay-per-Session and Small Group Training

Along with the PT Unlimited membership, we also offer the option for trainers to pay by the session as well as to train small groups of up to 3 or 4 people.

Single Session rate – $20 per hour

Partner Session rate – $30 per hour

3 People – $50 per hour

4 People – $60 per hour

Both options are only available to trainers only during our Non-Peak hours of Monday through Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday 12pm-5pm and Sunday 7am-5pm. 24/7 access is reserved for trainers on the Unlimited Membership. There is a minimum of 10 sessions per month, or the equivalent of $200. If the total session cost for a given month is less, than the difference up to $200 will be charged.

*Key fob access provided for independent access to the facility, but Triptych Strength reserves the right to close for reasons including but not limited to, upkeep, maintenance, facility improvements and private events. Due notice will be given whenever possible except in the case of unforeseen events or emergencies

Free Referral System

We have a free in-house client referral system that we use to generate leads for trainers. Not only is Triptych Strength a one of a kind facility, we help you build your business as well.

*Tours and In-Person Inquiries by appointment only*

Triptych Strength is a one of a kind Strength and Conditioning facility offering memberships to both the general public of San Francisco as well as Independent Personal Trainers looking for space to run their business. There are several ways to get a membership; without personal training, with personal training, or as a personal trainer. We also help people get set up with a personal trainer if they are looking to start. More details below. At 4,500sqft, we have high end equipment and amenities including

  • Four full Power Racks
  • 4x8 Deadlift Platform with band pegs
  • 6x8 Olympic Lifting Platform with band pegs
  • Belt Squat Machine
  • Glute Ham Raise and Reverse Hyper Machines
  • Two Dual Pulley Cable machines, one with a Smith Bar
  • Dumbbells from 2.5lbs up to 100lbs
  • Ketllebell pairs from 9lbs up to 106lbs
  • Specialty Barbells
  • 70ft long Artificial Turf Track
  • Prowler Sled and Battleropes
  • TRX Straps and Gymnastic Rings
  • 3 Bathrooms (2 with showers)
  • Free Towel Service, Fruit, and Coffee
  • and more


*Tours and In-Person Inquiries by appointment only. We are not staffed for drop-ins*

What People are  Saying

Triptych is an unusual find in the world of gyms and personal training: fantastic all around. The location is convenient if you live/work in Mission, Noe, Bernal, Potrero, SOMA, or even South San Francisco / Daly City. The equipment is clean, new, and well maintained.  The building is clean, the showers are new, and the towels are fresh.


I’m writing this review as a personal trainer who rents at Triptych. I LOVE THIS GYM! As much as clients seem to enjoy it, I have to say this gym is a trainer’s dream. The equipment is so versatile that you can go from training traditional olympic lifts one moment to purely functional, machine-free exercises the next to cables after that to TRX to kettlebells — the possibilities are endless.


Triptych Strength is exactly what you dreamed of when you were frustrated by the gym chain you belong to. The space is beautiful, every piece of equipment is new and you can tell the owners are meticulous about keeping everything clean and ready to use. They also have all of the gym toys you wish your gym had.


Meticulously maintained and clean facility – one of the best I’ve experienced. New equipment and anything that isn’t new is cared for in such a way that it might as well be. Anything that’s out of order or damaged is repaired immediately…problems don’t linger (not that I’ve ever seen any real problems here)…unlike most places where issues sit for weeks or months and only gets addressed when someone complains enough times. The space is well planned and surprisingly spacious with all the necessary equipment to get to any targeted spot you’re looking to work. An amazing private gym option.


Note: This review is written from the perspective of a Trainer renting space at Triptych. I currently train clients here Mon-Sat, averaging 30-45 sessions per week. Here is a list of the awesome benefits of training here:
– New equipment that is well-taken care of
– Free Wi-Fi and temperature controlled facility
– Some of the best training rates within city limits
– Complimentary coffee, tea, and fruit for your clients
– Shower available with free towel service for you and your clients (yes, you read that right, FREE towel usage)
– The break room has a dart board and massage chair, need I say more?
– A gym owner who actually lifts
If you are a fitness professional looking for a place to set-up shop, look no further than Triptych Strength Training!


Meet the Trainers

All Personal Trainers working out of Triptych Strength are independent. They must have at least 2 years industry experience, and carry a nationally accredited Trainer Certification. This ensures that every trainer operating out of Triptych Strength is an expert in their field.


I grew up playing sports, but it wasn’t until after high school that I began to form a real understanding of strength and athletic training. Before I became a personal trainer, I trained and participated in combat sports (primarily submission grappling but also kickboxing and MMA) as both a competitor and a coach. My training philosophy is that strength is the key which unlocks everything else, whatever one’s goals may be.

Certifications & Education

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Corrective Exercise Specialist

USA Weightlifting (USAW) Level 1

Eleiko Level 1 Strength Coach


Tarquin has been a trainer for over 10 years. He was a nationally ranked fencer through his teens, and started coaching people one-on-one. In college he walked into the weight room and essentially hasn’t walked out since. It was the love of working directly with people as well as strength training that led to him becoming a trainer.  He moved to San Francisco in 2009, and started working at 24 Hour Fitness. He became a Master Trainer, Fitness Manager, and trained over 5,000 sessions. He left the company in 2015 to start his own Independent Training Company, Triptych Strength. He and his wife Lauren opened the doors to their own brick and mortar facility in 2016, and they haven’t looked back since. They live close by in the neighborhood, and you can sometimes catch Tarquin on the floor with his 9 month old daughter dutifully spotting him!


A multi-sport athlete for most of his life, Justin is now a certified strength and nutrition coach (CSCS, PN) who specializes in helping others look (and feel) more like superheroes. Since 2011, he has utilized his experience as an athlete and coach, to create customized fitness solutions for his clients that help them reach their goals and enhance their lives without fitness feeling like a chore. You won’t be subjected to cookie-cutter routines or trivial fitness fads when working with Justin – whether your goal is to get superhuman strong, finally lose those last ten pounds, or simply learn the basics, he’ll provide a handcrafted, science-based program to get you there. When not training others or competing in bodybuilding, Justin can usually be found doing something supremely nerdy, like reading comic books or playing Dungeons & Dragons.


For over a decade, I’ve helped clients achieve and often surpass their fitness goals—from a budding tennis pro who went on to national tournaments, to an experienced lifter recovering from an accident that crushed his leg (who regained complete functionality). The point is, all clients are unique, and while they share the same goal—improve their fitness and quality of life—the approach must be unique and tailored to them.

And that’s what I love about my job—fine tuning my years of experience into an individualized plan that works for you. I take a holistic approach, helping you examine three important factors in meeting your fitness goals: exercise, nutrition, and rest. And, I’ve found my clients who achieve their greatest success are those who are able to balance these three cornerstones in a fashion tailored to their needs and lifestyle.

I draw on my experience in different types of fitness approaches to help you develop your individualized plan:
Powerlifting / Strength Training
Circuit training / Group Fitness
Kettlebell / TRX / Kickboxing / Karate
Sport Performance / Spartan Races

Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or just starting (or even restarting) out, I’m confident we can work together to help you meet—and go beyond—your fitness goals.

The final thing I want to emphasize is this: Fitness should be fun. I strive to infuse your program with elements you enjoy—which significantly increases your odds of reaching your fitness goals.

Contact me today, and let’s work together to build a better you!

Strength  Resources

Check out the articles and videos below. If you have any questions, or requests for more info, email me anytime!



Come take a tour of the Triptych Strength Facility.


Check out this video on the basics of core bracing. These techniques will improve your big lifts as well as your day to day life outside of the gym.

Check out this video from Darkside Strength on breathing. Very important for our work in the gym!



Another one of our specialized pieces of equipment, the Multi-Grip Bar. A highly versatile strength training tool. Take a look!


The Agile 11. This is a great expansion on a typical warm up for before or starting a session. A little long, but well worth it. If you are training, check it out!

Get in Touch


*Tours and In-Person Inquiries by appointment only*

email: tarquin@triptychstrength.com
phone: (415) 967-1478
visit: 3450 3rd Street, Suite 4C, San Francisco, CA 94124

Triptych Strength