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Triptych Strength Training’s missions statement is Strength, Conditioning, and Nutrition. Why is
that? Why those three things? Why not some crazy fancy slogan or catchphrase? Because,
those things, essentially, are fitness.

People need to have strength in their day to day lives. The strength to move themselves around, get through their work day, interact with friends and family, and hold up against the physical pressures that life surrounds us with.

We need to be conditioned enough to have the energy and stamina to go through those things day after day.

And nutrition is what we are made of. Literally, you are what you eat. Whether you’re trying gain
muscle, lose weight, or increase physical or mental performance, nutrition is the direct fuel that
your body uses to accomplish whatever task you put in front of it. Your bones, muscles and
organs are built out of things we put into our body.

Overall, this is relatively simple, and yet each category has sub-divisions; endurance strength, hypertrophic strength, neurological strength. Similar with conditioning. With nutrition, although it starts with calories in vs calories out, it goes farther with macronutrient balance, food selection and more.

But fitness does not have to be overly complicated. For the average person, if you move weights around, run around, and pay some attention to what you are putting in your body, you can attain great things. If you want to go in depth, or get creative and fancy with all different types of training modalities, or fancy tools or fitness gadgets, you can. If that is what you are into, absolutely go for it. But that is not a pre-requisite. It is not the requirement to do a fad type of fitness trend or do what the latest get fit quick scheme is. Consistency, and focusing on the basic tenants described above will get people to where they want to be.

So, get stronger, get faster, and eat. Strength, conditioning, and nutrition.

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