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Triptych Strength Training is celebrating its one year anniversary as of the start of 2016.

After being in the Personal Training Business for almost 7 years, and of those years the majority having been spent in a corporate gym, it has been a refreshing and empowering time working for myself, and mainly for my clients. The freedom to train them with more diverse tools and equipment, along with the ability to program their workouts with better technology for ease of use, has led to great improvements, not only in performance but also in overall enjoyment for both the client and myself.

We have a greater ability to share programs via spreadsheets in order to be more synced up with the vision and application of what we’re doing in the gym, and have the person be more engaged with what’s happening. We can really dig in to a person’s nutrition with macro nutrient tracking sheets full with equations that do the math for caloric totals and weekly averages for weight loss over time. It’s one thing to tell someone what we’re doing, but when they get to see the program as a whole, and the road map of where we’re starting and the steps that we will take from there, it is great and really brings a higher level of engagement.

The goal for 2015 was to have a strong start in the independent world of Personal Training, and Triptych has absolutely accomplished that. There are more goals and bigger plans in the works, so lets see what this year will bring!

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